VESPA PX150 [Motorcycle] 100 Carburator
[this car has been SOLD in 99 days]
(Car ID 292868)
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This car was posted from IP located in: Cyprus (Limasol)

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YEAR: 1980 COLOR: mple
MILEAGE: 3100 km ENGINE: 100cc

Other details from owner: Se ekseritiki katastasi
PRICE: 2200 €
Contact: [not available for SOLD cars]
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Important: The owner may have more than one car, we recommend you to quote BestCyprusCar ID 292868 while calling. If the owner does not answer his phone in less than 3 days, please let us know, and we will check/remove his car.

Posted on: 09-Jan-2017 / Views till now: 530
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