Best Cyprus Car Apps - Honda App, Toyota App, Mitsubishi App, BMW App... etc!

Available on Google Play, iOS Store, Win 10 Store - Phones / Tablets / PCs

Amazing Features

BestCyprusCar Android/iOS/Win10 Apps features and all the details!

Responsive Design

Can be used in
Smart-Phones as well as in

Updated content

We keep App(s) Updated with new Cars, since are connected to same Database as on our Web Site.

Cross-Browser Support

This App(s) are currently for Android/iOS/Win10 but soon will be available for iOS and Windows Phones.

Save Money/Time

Keep your self updated with new Cars and Best Prices.

Creative Design

We keep adding more Web Services to the App(s). Currently App(s) have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Sharing and also E-mail (of the Car you choose).

More Features

Coming Soon new additions and Apps for the other Platforms like iOS.

Why it's best

Today is the largest used car database in Cyprus, with more than 180.000 ads. Honda App has all Hondas for sale, Toyota App has all Toyotas... and so on.

  • Reliable and Exact Search for the model you want
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized and Social Sharing is easy
  • All Honda Cars in Web-Site appear in Honda App, Toyotas in Toyota App... and so on.
  • Tons of Used Cars for Sale and easy to use

Great way to describe your app is the creator of These Mobile (Android/iOS/Win10) Apps project was started in December 2005.
Currently it is the property of V.I. Daro Cyprus LTD.
Today is the largest used car database in Cyprus, with more than 180.000 ads.
Hundreds of cars are added every day and the visitors can buy direct from the private sellers.

Description with video

Usage of App & Instructions:

Android Phone YouTube Android Phone  —  iPad YouTube iPad (iOS)  —  Windows 10 YouTube Windows 10 PC

This App requires Internet connection to work.
Green background Cars ADs are our Promo Cars while White background Cars are normal Cars, and Red are Sold Cars.
When you see this "150 results by Model Date DESC" it means browse by 150 results starting from the newest model to the oldest model.
But when you click this "50 results by Price ASC" it means browse by 50 results starting from the smallest to the biggest Price.
If you want to search by Car ID insert as keyword a 6-digit number Car Id (eg. 239888) ONLY. If you want to search by Telephone insert an 8-digit telephone number(eg. 25123456) ONLY. And if you want to search Car Model Year insert 4-digit year(eg. 2009) ONLY. If you put a string you search for Owner's Name or Model's Name.

What's New:
- Added My Favorites Cars function
- Added My Recent Cars Function
- Minor changes
- Back button added


App features and all the details via Screenshots [General app & Honda App, Other Apps the same exactly(Android, iOS, Windows 10)]

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